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On Wednesday mornings the team meet at The George Whitfield Centre to pray and prepare for the morning’s work on the streets. Hot drinks, goodies and some basic clothing are our staple offerings, supplemented by hot sausage rolls from the baker’s, chocolate and Christian literature of various types. There is also a drop in at the centre from 11 am -12.30 pm

The George Whitfield Centre is open on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2-4 pm. Hot drinks and food are served and there are showers and a washing machine and tumble drier available as well as access to clothing, toiletries and basic food supplies to take away.

On special occasions we bless our people by distributing additional treats such as Easter Eggs in April and hampers at Christmas. These goodies are always well received!

The street people we meet are always grateful for the food and drinks we offer and many friendly relationships are made by the team as they minister week-by-week.

We learn the daily hardships and issues these folk face and make these topics of prayer amongst the team. On many occasions we learn of answers to prayer which is a great encouragement to all concerned.

Going out on the streets brings many challenges to the team. They appreciate the prayers of all supporters, including protection from harm, injury, and disease.

The street people often have limited life expectancy and in our experience there are no “old addicts”. Over the past few years several street people of our acquaintance have died. Death before the age of 40 is not unusual on the streets.

When they are hospitalised we endeavour to visit them.

Project Beacon was started in December 2013 by Dave Kinghorn. A team of people go out on a Saturday night to reach out to those sleeping on the streets, those in supported accommodation and those in temporary and emergency accommodation. It’s aims are to provide warmth through clothes, sleeping bags and blankets, to offer sustenance through tea, coffee, soup and sandwiches and finally to signpost people to agencies appropriate to their need. Over the winter months from December through to the end of March various churches and other group come together and a rota is drawn up so that this service is available every night of the week.